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[24. April 2013]M.D. Foothills rejects our first request to rename 294 Range Road 294 SE to Nikola Tesla Road due to "the precedent setting nature of this request".
[6. June 2013]Nikola Tesla Road petition is online.
[September 2013]294 Range Road gets renamed to 243 Ave E
[31. March 2014]Signed over 400 signatures for the pettion to rename 243 Ave E to Nikola Tesla Road or Ave
[27. April 2014]Minister Rick McIver, Minister Thomas Lukaszuk, and MLA Wayne Cao support our intiative.
[28. April 2104]Minister Rick McIver sends the request to M.D. Foothills for avenue name change to Nikola Tesla Road/Ave
[4. June 2014]M.D. Foothills rejects our second request to rename 243 Ave E to Nikola Tesla Road due to "not conform to the MD of Foothills’ current road naming policies or Emergency Services addressing requirements".
[10. July 2014]Elon Musk Donates $1 Million to New Tesla Museum at Wardenclyffe in Long Island, New York.
Community Event for Nikola Tesla Road support (food, dancing performances, soccer match...)
16025-243 Ave E. DeWinton, at 1p.m. on 31. August 2014
[October 2014]We got a great support from surrounding communities in M.D. Foothills, Division 6 close to future Nikola Tesla Road (close to 50 petitions for Nikola Tesla Road signed).
[November 2014]Nikola Tesla Road Petition package is submitted for approval to M.D. Foothills Council.
[December 2014]M.D. Foothills rejected again our request to rename 243 Ave E to Nikola Tesla Road despite many signed petitions and a wide support from surrounding communities. You can contact M.D. Foothills council and express your support to rename road in Divison 6. Link to the council website is here.

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